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Dizengoff Ghana has been synonymous with providing farmers with high quality and dependable greenhouse and irrigation solutions.

In a bid to reduce the impact of climate change and ensure that food security is achieved, our solutions have aided in reducing farming risks through crop protection, crop improvement and crop enhancement to ensure the crops grown reach their full potential. 

We are about walking the journey with our farmers as our services and support span from concept development, project design, project implementation, training and maintenance.

We are cognizant of the challenges we currently face with regard to climate change and we are continuously providing innovative farming solutions and new technologies to support the Ghanian farmer of the future. We have grown from a single line operation to a multitude of various tailor made solutions. Our product range consists of:

The Dizengoff Farmer's Kit

The award-winning Farmer’s Kit is tailor-made to meet the needs of the small to medium scale farmers in enabling them access to affordable, modern agricultural technologies, methods and inputs of the highest standard. This kit is adapted to suit the climate and terrain in Africa. It was designed by our team of experts and was anchored on globally recognized and tested technologies.

It is a combination of innovative agricultural technologies including the Family Drip System (FDS) – an easy to use gravity – based drip irrigation system; a Farmer’s Greenhouse and top quality agro-inputs such as Seeds, Bio-Organic Plant Protection and Bio-Organic Nutrients.

It comes as a complete package with installation, training and agro-support that facilitates the farmer in the planting to harvesting period.

Green houses and tunnel covers

In keeping with our promise to our customers, we provide advanced cover films that have unique thermal, mechanical and optical properties that make them ideal for protecting crops, enhancing growth, and meeting the varying needs of growers.


Dam Liners

Our Dam Liners offer excellent polythene based solutions for agricultural and water management applications which are customized to fit the users’ specifications.


Shade Nets
Our range of shade nets enables our farmers to control the quantity and type of light transmitted to the plants as well as reduce ambient temperature around the crop to create an optimal micro-climate for plants to grow in.


Anti-insect nets

Our OptiNet range of nets is a patented technology that integrates two methods for control of greenhouse thrips and other insects. The dual protection significantly reduces the number of pests entering the structure, while maintaining adequate airflow. As a result, fewer pesticide treatments are needed, complying with European standards, and saving costs.


Agricultural Troughs

We believe in creating efficiencies in farming hence providing state of the art Mapal polypropylene troughs, drainage gutters and hanging gutter systems that are designed for growing vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs, strawberries & other berries.


Polyethylene Mulch

Mulch is a layer material applied on top of soil to conserver soil moisture, reduce weed growth, improve fertility and health of the soil and enhance the visual appeal of the area.


Growing media

We provide cocopeat which is an organic material and its production is part of the many uses of the coconut. When using cocopeat for hydroponic growing, the environment is not harmed.

We also avail our customers Kekkila peatmoss substrate which is carefully selected, first-class sphagnum peat harvested from Kekkila’s own peat bogs. The peat is a mix of raw materials from white sphagnum peat screened to fine grade. The products are limed and fertilized.

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