Enabling farmers to grow more crops in the easiest and most economical way, Amiran has for several decades now, partnered with Netafim, the Israeli multinational that invented drip irrigation, to set up more than 80% of irrigation computer systems used in Kenyan flower farms and for large-scale horticultural growers. Amiran has for several years now been spearheading the introduction of modern and very efficient agricultural technologies that are sustainable, guarantee high productivity and are environmentally friendly, such as Amiran’s computerized irrigation systems, better known as Automated Irrigation Systems.

Amiran’s Automated Irrigation Systems are a form of irrigating systems controlled by a computerized controller that targets water resources for irrigation and fertigation to the exact point where the crops need them, at the time they need them, wasting not a single precious drop of water or fertilizers. On contracting Amiran to install a computerized irrigation system, the only thing the company expects from the farm owner is for him/her to have a convenient source of water and land of coarse. Amiran irrigation experts will then study the topographic map provided by the farmers and later go through the processes of conceptualizing and mapping out a landscape design plan. This map or blueprint will determine the amount of water each lawn section or particular greenhouse will need.
Water is pumped from the water source through pipes and taken directly to the control room in the farm. The water passes through filters, but its quality is variable and must be analyzed regularly, with the nutrient adjusted accordingly. Amiran’s filters are extraordinary in that they are especially suited with a backwash control system that enables the filter to clean itself while still filtering dirt out of the water.
The control room set up by Amiran is the heart of the computerized irrigation system as it is the link between the water source and the growing plants. Housed in the control room is Amiran’s unique nutrigation machine that offers farmers the ability to have precise control over the delivery of nutrients and irrigation timing according to the changing needs of the plant. The nutrigation machine is set to mix water with particular fertilizers needed by for plant growth.
From the control room pressure is regulated before being released systematically in measured quantity into the plantation. The machine in the control room is connected to the electric cables that control the opening and closing of valves which allow fertigation to take place. The computerized irrigation is programmed to release water though valves at specific time increments. This actually conserves water since watering a farm using a hose or an oscillator often leads to over-watering. The computerized irrigation system is capable of discharging more precise amounts of water to an area, making it an economical choice as well saving between 40 to 60% of water compared to other modes of irrigation.
A major advantage of this technology is the ability to administer fertilizer while irrigating. This not only helps to save time and reduce labor but also to ensure the plants get the accurate amount of nutrients needed to attain full maturity. Amiran’s computerized irrigation systems help farmers to balance out their crops and ensure plants are of the same size since they get the same amount of water and nutrients. Adding to this, with Amiran’s top quality drippers from Netafim, growers can now benefit from a choice of specially designed drip lines that are resistant to the effects of regular chemicals and fertilizers.
Amiran continues to find new irrigation systems such as the computerized irrigation system that use water resources wisely and irrigate intelligently. Consequently, many Amiran farmers have turned to drip irrigation and have enjoyed improved profitability by increasing crop yield and quality while at the same time reducing costs of water, energy, labor, water runoff and chemical inputs.

Offering complete solutions to farmers using researched and cutting edge technologies, Amiran has played a major role in boosting the Kenyan flower and horticultural sectors to their current respectable positions in the world market. Amiran goes on to be a company of firsts with the introduction of the first drip irrigation system in Kenya, installing more than 90% of the first greenhouses for Kenyan flower farms and in addition to a long list of other products, the introduction of the first soluble fertilizers.